Supporting services:
Saudi Security provides a number of support services according to the requirements of each site to entrench the security concept and work to flowing performance, these services are as follows:

  • Mobile patrols (Small cars – SUV – Motorcycles) with wireless communication devices and warning lighting.
  • Wireless communication devices.
  • Ballasts of small and big cars.
  • Mirrors to detect the car from the bottom.
  • Gates for the detection of weapons and minerals.
  • Detection of bags with X-ray.
  • Manual searchlights light.
  • Traffic barrier.
  • Cameras to document events.

Group has operations room working over 24 hours, and its tasks, including (Receive communications and facilitate the flow of work and supervise the distribution of the guards at the various sites) Group has field supervisors who make supervision of guards and make a surprise patrols and inform the operations about the security status, it also has reservist guards to accommodate them when necessary, the operating room records all events within 24 hours and submit a report about the fieldwork to the Director of Operations.

Security solutions and risk assessment:
This is a supplementary service offered through the Department of Security Services, which are:

  • Security risk analysis / Protective Security.
  • Planning for emergency response / evacuation procedures.
  • Projects Security Management.
  • Management of protection against fraud and theft.
  • Auditing and evaluating safety measures and procedures to prevent risks and maintain lives and property.
  • Protective Security Training and maintaining lives and property.
  • Service Remote Monitoring and Early Warning.

Remote Monitoring and Early Warning Service:
One of the modern security services in developed countries is remote monitoring and early warning service and we offer this service for the first time in the Kingdom by linking the customer site with our operations room and full monitoring the external perimeter, entrances and exits of the site and observing the outer stocks around the clock, this service gives the customer many advantages such as:
Guard works monitoring and ensuring that all the services are functioning properly.
Inform the competent security authorities quickly in case of any emergency (fire - burglary - illegal entry outside official working hours).
Monitoring and documentation of all the events that occur through the recording devices in the operating room for reference when needed.