security man's Duties

The functions and duties of a security man

  • Security man has a big and a very delicate responsibility. So, the group preparing and training personnel well by putting a clear methodology and basis to perform work professionally.
  • Maintaining the safety and security of the site.
  • Securing the site of all kinds of dangers.
  • Rapid intervention in cases of emergency and firefighting and support the technicians of safety in evacuations and first aid
  • Evacuation the site in the event of a threat to workers and visitors at the site.
  • Immediate reporting of all suspicious cases.
  • Securing of emergency exits.
  • Make sure the operation of all alarm devices.
  • Not to leave the site absolutely, except in emergency situations or upon the arrival of the following alternate and proof of receipt in the status record.
  • Receipt and inspection of the site and recording observations in the status record and provide a detailed report to the direct official.
  • Recording all the data of the visitors and make sure from their ID cards and guide them to the correct destination and record that in the status record.
  • Arrange the vacations schedule for security guards.
  • Checked safety devices in the site, and submit a report with all the observations.
  • Rapid intervention and support the technicians of safety in the case of fire.
  • Evacuate the site immediately when there is a threat to workers in the site.

Public Relations Department
Training and Rehabilitation
Due to our belief in the necessity of training and qualification we have held a number of training courses (Security of installations, First Aid, Safety) to develop the necessary skills for guards, so that they can complete the work to the fullest, and there is an integrated lecture hall in the company headquarters to hold lectures and the use of the owners of high expertise and efficiency.

Installations security course

  • Securing installation.
  • Securing employees and the reviewers.
  • Entry and exit procedures and investigations.
  • How to examine the installation and make foot and car patrols.

Safety course

  • All types of fire.
  • Early Alarms and Automatic Firefighting.
  • Types of fire extinguishers and how to use.
  • Securing emergency exits and the reserve illumination and the reserve generator Evacuation.

First Aid

  • Artificial respiration.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
  • CPR.
  • Stop the bleeding (Arterial, Venous and Capillary).
  • Injuries and spine bone.
  • Airway obstruction and removal of the UFO.