Industrial Services

Industrial Security
The overall concept for Industrial Security includes all regulations and instructions of the areas where there are general instructions govern and regulate these areas which include the modern concept of industrial security. These general instructions should necessarily be available for all industrial activities. The risks may vary from an activity to another, so it is required to put and develop safety and security measures for each activity, in line with the nature of each activity (Petroleum Facilities, petrochemical, electrical and industrial).Industrial Security means providing safe working conditions and proper health in the workplace, through the prior study to all potential risks.

The most important services that we offer in this area

  • Securing operations of industrial safety and security.
  • Securing prevention and evacuation plans.
  • Identifying actions to maintain the integrity of the environment.
  • Operation and maintenance of electronic security systems.
  • Preparation of industrial safety guide of the facility.
  • Holding training courses and workshops to raise awareness of industrial security for employees of industrial establishments.

Integrated Electronic Security Systems
We provide equipment and electronic appliances at the highest levels of quality and reliability. This trend is supported by a specialist design and technical training. We facilitate the installation and maintenance processes through choosing the suitable design of the equipment and appliances carefully and we test them carefully and rigorously which ensures that our systems meet the standards set and even surpasses them. These systems include but not limited to, closed-circuit television systems, access control, and exit and warning systems, integrated detection against hackers, security systems around the site, electronic, explosives and metals detection systems, retail outlets and service centers protection systems, personal security equipments and other security systems.

Security and safety services
Providing security operations for Governmental Facilities private commercial and residential centers, administrative premises, banks, financial institutions, embassies and other facilities that should be guarded with all security types, these services include the following:

  • Security and guarding operations for the entrances and exits of the facility.
  • Guarding and security operations for inner and outer perimeter of the facility.
  • Security patrols operations.
  • Electronic surveillance and observation of the facility.
  • Operations of thefts and embezzlement prevention within the facility.

The development of evacuation plans in case of emergency. Professional Protective inspection of people, vehicles and facilities, these services include the following

  • VIP and events protection operations.
  • Study of the dangers likely occur at the facility and determine the inspection methods in order to prevent their occurrence.
  • The conduct of professional inspections for people, vehicles and materials entering and leaving the facility.
  • Supplying, operating and maintenance of the equipment and auxiliary equipment in inspections.
  • Supplying, operating and maintenance of metal and explosives detectors and checking bags.

Security and safety operations for Facilities, these services include the following

  • Providing outer guarding and regulate the entry, exit, traffic and parking operations.
  • Providing secret security to verify the figures, guests and visitors and control operations of entry and exit.
  • Providing protection against theft and embezzlement and maintaining the property of the facility.
  • Operation and maintenance of control and monitoring rooms.
  • Developing a safety plan and prevention of risks and losses and working on achieving the targets of the facility.
  • The provision of internal and external security for the Housing of male female workers.